Paxos Island

Paxos in the Ionian Sea located at a distance of 7 nautical miles south of Corfu and 8 nautical miles west of the continent.
It is the smallest of the Ionian islands, the so-called Benjamin of the Ionian Islands.

According to mythology, the island was created when Poseidon, god of the sea, wanting to find a shelter to house his love with Amfitriti, struck hard with his trident the southern tip of Corfu and so detached a small piece . That is why the trident is the emblem of Paxos.

Charming and idyllic island impresses at first glance the visitor with its dense vegetation, beautiful beaches and picturesque villages.
Gaios is the capital and the port, with particular Ionian architecture and picturesque alleyways.



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The entrance to the port of Gaios is a unique experience as well as between Gaios and the islands of Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas formed a unique natural fjord of incomparable beauty. Here are the settlements of Loggos and Lakka on the north side, while the south of the famous island of Antipaxos, at 2 nm ,offers a terrestrial paradise, green water and white sand on a green background.