Elaia Boutique


Our primary goal is to offer the visitor feel like home holidays and high standards of hospitality

The Elaia Boutique Apartments welcomes you to Paxos to offer you relaxing moments in the beautiful Ionian island. Our newly renovated apartments offer the visitor a full experience welcoming everyday.
They consist of three fully equipped apartments, built in a panoramic position in the heart of the island and within walking distance of the sea and the centre of Gaios. With respect to the natural environment of the island and the traditional architecture of the Ionian Sea are a benchmark in the most modern accommodation on the island.

Willing to meet all the modern hospitality needs, we put our knowledge and passion and we re-built three spacious and comfortable apartments each on its own floor with a unique view. In the configuration given great emphasis on simple decor, functionality of space and great style.
Each apartment carefully decorated with references to the country aesthetics and new decorating trends.
We hope your stay exceeds your expectations and always rewarded with smiles.

Welcome to Elaia!

Σοφία - Γιώργος, Γιώτα - ΠάνοςΚοσμάς - ΜελίναJenny & KymΕλένη - Μιχάλης - ΜάριοςΜαριάννα - ΧρήστοςΤάσος - Ξένια, Γιώργος - ΦαίηMelanie & SperzoPat & John, Jayne & RogerEsther, Jose, ,Nelo, AndreaHelen & NickMatthias, Annalea, LucianaJurgen, Elina, Julian,Andrian
Σας ευχαριστούμε για όλα, κυρίως για όσα δε λέγονται ούτε γράφονται..
Σοφία - Γιώργος, Γιώτα - Πάνος
Το εξοχικό μας με θέα το φιόρδ ήταν καταφύγιο χαράς και γαλήνιων στιγμών!
Κοσμάς - Μελίνα
We could not have asked for better! Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing time on Paxos!
Jenny & Kym
Σας ευχαριστούμε για την φανταστική φιλοξενία σας. Δεν θα ξεχάσουμε ποτέ τη θέα απ' το υπέροχο μπαλκόνι που μας έκοψε την ανάσα!
Ελένη - Μιχάλης - Μάριος
Υπέροχα δωμάτια, ονειρεμένη θέα που θα πάρουμε μαζί μας, εξαιρετική διακόσμηση!
Μαριάννα - Χρήστος
Δηλώνουμε και οι τέσσερις ερωτευμένοι με το νησί σας αλλά κυρίως με την φιλοξενία και το σπίτι "μας" όλες αυτές τις μέρες!
Τάσος - Ξένια, Γιώργος - Φαίη
The apartment was very spacious, modern and clean, the location perfect and the view from the balcony was just stunning!
Melanie & Sperzo
Thank you for being such lovely and helpful hosts! The view from the balcony is spectacular and the apartment so stylish and clean! We could not have hoped for better!
Pat & John, Jayne & Roger
Gracias per la estancia! Hemos pasado unos dias maravillosos en la isla..No queremos irnos!
Esther, Jose, ,Nelo, Andrea
Thank you very much for a fabulous stay! We would definitely recommend Elaia Apartments to all!
Helen & Nick
We haven't enough words to express our pleasure staying here and enjoying the amazing view from our balcony!
Matthias, Annalea, Luciana
The best place ever in Greece! Thank you for your warm welcome and the best view we ever had!
Jurgen, Elina, Julian,Andrian